Cuauhtemoc Project

For the past few months, I’ve helped out local Chicano artist Francisco Camplis in his personal project titled Cuauhtemoc. It’s a sort of montage/music video combining photographs, artwork and animation set to the narration of the final words of the last legitimate Tlatoani of the Mexica (last Emperor of the Aztecs). The following is an … More Cuauhtemoc Project

I’ll Fly Away – Thesis Animation

In the Spring of 2016, I created for my thesis animation course at San Francisco State University an animated music video to the song I’ll Fly Away, covered by the Bay Area based folk band Tito. Alternatively viewed on Youtube here: This animation was featured at the ASIFA Spring Festival 2016 and tied for 1st … More I’ll Fly Away – Thesis Animation

Happy Hapa Webcomic Development

For the past couple of months, I’ve been developing a webcomic revolving around my life experiences as a biracial person growing up in the United States, in hopes to shed some light to social issues specific to my fellow Hapas around the world. The above images were caricature concepts and shorthand drawing practice of myself.